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2015 WSA-OC Officers and Directors

Valerie Rhodes
Vice Commodore
Gabi Schwaiger
Wayne Wallace
Brenda Highley
Membership Director
Shannon Harshman
Kathleen Brown
Bonnie Gibson

WSA-OC Committees

Following is a brief description of the WSA-OC committees and their responsibilities. 
If you are interested in volunteering to serve on a committee, please contact the committee chairperson or the WSA-OC Commodore.

Description on Committee Responsibilities
Audit Treasurer Performance of the annual audit of WSA-OC financial records. Provide financial advice throughout the year.
By-Laws Vice Commodore
Membership includes the Secretary, the Vice Commodore and others as appointed by the Commodore. Provide expertise to the Board on any matters pertaining to update or change to current bylaws.
Calendar Board Oversees the annual compilation of the next years' calendar. Schedule and coordinate with the Harbor Associations and other sources as needed. Maintain a one-year rolling calendar.
Club of the Year
Administer the association’s participation in the SCYA Club of the Year program including; submission of required paperwork, tracking of association points and publicity for the program. Advise the Board of the status.
CPR Coordinate with the host club in the scheduling, planning and promotion of a one day CPR “Heart Saver” certification class tailored to boaters.
Cruise Schedule, coordinate, publicize and run WSA-OC Cruises.
Delegates to SCYA Commodore In the absence of the Commodore, represent WSA-OC at SCYA events to which we are invited.

Compile a scrapbook/photo album on WSA-OC activities, collect press clippings and save historical records.
Hospitality Welcome members and guests at all general meetings and WSA-OC events. Introduce new members and encourage participation on committees.
Maintain cognizance of WSA-OC insurance needs and insure that all responsibilities are met. Keep the Board informed as to any changes in cost, requirements or coverage.
Newsletter Edit, produce and distribute monthly publication The Whistle. Maintain mailing list of members. Produce the annual roster.
Photograph events and meetings. Arrange to have photographs published in The Whistle, added to the website and added to the scrapbooks.
Procedures Manual Vice Commodore Update and publish the Procedures Manual. Work with the Commodore to review and update the Committee Record Books at the end of each year.
With the concurrence of the Commodore secure and schedule the speakers and programs for the WSA-OC General Meetings. Introduce the program presenters at these meetings and announce the activities scheduled for the next meeting. Coordinate with other Chairs desiring various programs within their spheres of responsibility.
Write press releases for WSA-OC events and distribute them to local newspapers, magazines and other women’s sailing organizations

Maintain inventory of WSA-OC merchandise for sale to members. Promote sales at meetings and other Association functions.
Regatta/Disable Sailors Race

Coordinate all aspects of the regatta with the host clubs, including trophies and social activities.
Sail for the Blind and Visually Impaired Coordinate with the host club in the scheduling, planning and promotion of a one day event to provide sailing experience to visually impaired guests.
Keep an accurate accounting of all WSA-OC trophies. Maintain a master list of all Deeds of Gift. Arrange for the purchase, engraving and presentation of all WSA-OC annual trophy presentations as well as all permanent and take-home trophies at WSA-OC sponsored events.
Web Master
Develop, operate and maintain a WSA-OC website on the Internet.
Women’s Sailing Activities Coordinate WSA-OC's particpation in SCYA’s annual Women's Sailing Convention. Maintain oversight of the selection of WSA-OC’s nominee for the Peggy Slater Award.
Please forward your comments and suggestions to: info@wsaoc.org

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